Release Notes - Version 3.6

Key features and changes

The Host Server 3.6 requires the YVVA runtime version 1.3.8 or later. Please follow the upgrade instructions in upgradefrom35to36

Host Server Functionality

  • Improved restore functionality (HOSTSERVER-635).
  • The name of the user and the deletion time are now recorded when a Space is deleted (HOSTSERVER-507). Note: this only works if TDP v3 is active, and you are using TeamDrive client version 4.2 or later.
  • Added system settings: NotifyVolumeEmail, NotifyVolumeWarningLevel, NotifyVolumeCriticalLevel. The background task, Volume Warning, has been added to send an email notification when the the disk usage of a volume exceeds the specified levels.
  • Fixed upgrade from version 3.0.011 (HOSTSERVER-618).
  • Added the setting S3RedirectProtocol. This setting determines the protocol to be used for redirects to S3, or other Object Stores (HOSTSERVER-622).
  • Added support for Azure blob storage (HOSTSERVER-583)
  • The Host now supports the “Range” header (HOSTSERVER-577). This enables the direct streaming of videos. Note, only one range per call is supported.

Administration Console

  • Added functionality to restore a deleted space (HOSTSERVER-633).
  • Host Server settings have now been divided into groups (HOSTSERVER-574).
  • The modification time of settings in now displayed in the Admin Console (HOSTSERVER-575).


  • Added movespace API call, which moves a Space to another Depot (HOSTSERVER-636).
  • The getspacedata API call now accepts the following additional tags: <includedeleted>, <resultoffset> and <resultlimit> (HOSTSERVER-461).
  • The getdeptdata API call now accepts the tags <includedchanges> which specifies if the change history should be returned with the details of the Depot (HOSTSERVER-497).

Change Log - Version 3.6

3.6.0 (2016-09-01)

  • Initial 3.6 release.

3.6.1 (2016-11-15)

  • The Host Server now retrieves details of Owners from the Registration Server. The email address and Provider Code of the Owner will be updated within 24 hours if changed in the Registration Server. So-called “magic usernames” are now only displayed when the Host Server has no email address for a user (HOSTSERVER-629).

    See Sync Owner Data Task for details.

  • When adding a Space Owner in the Admin Console, the Host Server will now check that the user is a registered TeamDrive User. Note that that it is now possible to add an Owner by specifying the Email address only (HOSTSERVER-640).

  • The statistics poll method now returns the Space owner details to the TeamDrive Client (HOSTSERVER-639).

  • Admin Console: fixed error handling when creating an Owner using the Admin Console.

  • Admin Console: fixed an error when using the Admin Console to create a new Depot.

  • The Client will now be prevented from inserted Space meta data with zero length (HOSTSERVER-644).

  • It is now possible to set the system settings ServiceHostURL and RegServerURL` to the domain name of the Host Server or Registration Server instead of a complete URL. The Host Server will not automatically convert this to a URL as required (HOSTSERVER-645).

    The setup process of the Host Server will continue to set these values to complete URLs, although the input fields during setup only require domain names.