Release Notes - Version 3.0.011 and older

Release Notes - Version 3.0.011 and older
Build Date Version Comment
  • HOSTSERVER-228: Add settings for ClientPollFrequency and StatisticPollFactor
  • HOSTSERVER-241: Moved [p1db] group from my.cnf to a dedicated configuration file /etc/ to improve security and packaging.
  • HOSTSERVER-224: Added SpaceStatisticEnabled and SpaceStatisticExportPath
  • Updated teamdrive.conf Apache configuration file: wrapped long lines and updated s3daemon file locations to match the defaults suggested in the Installation Manual
  • HOSTSERVER-191: Fixed Magic Username problem with sakgen by enclosing them with single quotes to avoid the shell from expanding them as variables. Fixed “bad file descriptor error”
  • Fixed HOSTSERVER-99: created database migration script mysql/v3.0.010_to_v3.0.011.sql to update the table structures, move the Keys table from database pbpg to pspace and renamed database td2apilog to hostapilog.
  • Removed default API_SALT in sql script.
  • Improved hosting.txt value validation.
  • Updated version number in pbstab from “4546” to “4547”
  • Fixed HOSTSERVER-172: The default MySQL table definition file mysql/p1space_schema.sql contained a wrong value for the configuration variable PathToSAKConverter. Instead of /home/teamdrive/sakh/sakgen it should have been /home/teamdrive/sakh/.
  • Updated sample hosting.txt file: no trailing slash after REGSERVERURL
  • Updated and completed Translation files (grammar, typos, obsolete terms)
  • Set PathToSAKConverter configuration variable to /home/teamdrive/sakh/sakgen by default
  • Added S3Daemon config and script files to the installation package
  • Fixes to object store access log processing
  • Added parsing and error handling for API_IP_LIST and API_SALT from the hosting.txt.
  • pbstab: changed log file from /home/teamdrive/pbas/setup/pbac.log to /var/log/p1_autotask.log (Jira-Issue HOSTSERVER-145)
  • pbstab: fixed wrong path to p1ctl.dal
  • Fixed setting space status bit
  • Fixed autotask debug output
  • Fixed typos and obsolete reference to p1ctl from the translation files
  • Changed configuration variable 340 “Protocol Log File” in pbas.env from “<< Default Log >>” to “/var/log/pbas.log” - note that this file needs to be created and assigned to the user running the PBAS instance (touch /var/log/pbas.log ; chown teamdrive:teamdrive /var/log/pbas.log)
  • Fixed HOSTSERVER-150: removed reference to td2apilog database
  • First build of the 3.0.011 branch, using the scripted build
2012-08-22 3.0.009
  • Fixed traffic LastReset bug
2012-08-03 3.0.008
  • MySQL plugin with new reconnect; Fixed MySQL result set handling