Release Notes - Version 2.0


Please follow the new update process described in chapter Upgrading the TeamDrive Web Portal. The former separate GUI rpm package is not longer necessary. The standard Web Portal will update the docker Container image from the docker hub during the update step and will extract and update the files necessary for the GUI from this image. A white label Web Portal needs the white label agent .tar.gz to build a white label docker container image.

Key features and changes

  • Increased MinimumAgentVersion to

  • External authentication supports both login and registration. This feature can be activated by setting AuthServiceEnabled to True. To allow registration set RegistrationEnabled to True. If no AuthLoginPageURL or RegistrationURL page is specified then the Web Portal will use the “portal pages”, provided by the Registration Server.

  • External authentication can be embedded in the TeamDrive Web GUI, or can the external authentication pages can be used directly. A new setting: UseEmbeddedLogin, must be set to True in order to use the embedded login form.

    By default, UseEmbeddedLogin is set to False if you upgrade from a previous version of the Web Portal that was using external authentication. Otherwise, the default is True. This is to ensure backwards compatibility, with previous versions that only supported the non-embedded form.

    Accessing the Web Portal domain, for example:, will automatically present the login in the embedded or non-embedded form, as specified by UseEmbeddedLogin.

  • You can now use “explicit” links to the login page in order to set the default provider code and language, for the login or registration.

    For the non-embedded login form use the following explicit link:

    and for the embedded login form use the following explicit link:

    where CODE is the provider code, and LG is the language code, for example en or de.

    Note that the external authentication service must be able to handle the specified provider code and language.

Administration Console

  • Added a Container list page, which can be used to search for containers of a particular user and type. The container details page allows you to stop, start and delete containers.

    Note that deleting a container will remove all the container data as well. This means that Web Portal users will find all spaces deactivated on next login. If the user looses his password he will also loose access to his data, unless he has a TeamDrive installation elsewhere.

Change Log - Version 2.0

2.0.2 (2019-07-26)

  • Increased MinimumAgentVersion to

2.0.1 (2019-06-11)

  • Fixed problems the on demand creation and starting of containers that have been deleted (WEBCLIENT-304).

2.0.0 (2019-04-25)

  • Initial release of Web Portal 2.0.