Release Notes - Version 1.2


Please follow the new update process described in chapter Upgrading the TeamDrive Web Portal. The former separate GUI rpm package is not longer necessary. The standard Web Portal will update the docker Container image from the docker hub during the update step and will extract and update the files necessary for the GUI from this image. A white label Web Portal needs the white label agent .tar.gz to build a white label docker container image.

Key features and changes

  • Simplified installing and updating the web portal and docker container for standard and white label configuration.
  • Increased MinimumAgentVersion to to support PointInTime-Recovery and Read-Confirmations

Change Log - Version 1.2

1.2.3 (YYYY-MM-DD)

  • Reset of Admin User’s password as described in the documentation (i.e. by setting the password to blank in the database) was not working (WEBCLIENT-259).
  • Added a illustrated overview of the Web Portal to the documentation, showing the connection to other components in the TeamDrive system (see Introduction to the TeamDrive Web Portal).

1.2.2 (2018-11-06)

  • The Web Portal supports now the Docker Community and Enterprise Edition and also still the old Commercially Supported version with the latest version 1.13 (from January 2017). Please notice, that the Docker CS version will be still maintained, but not further developed any more. Check the docker installation chapter for the differences between Docker CS and CE/EE installation.
  • The Web Portal will only allow using signed DISTRIBUTOR files like the standard client. The signature will be checked during the creation of the docker image and at each start of the agent. Additional client settings must be moved to the new setting WhiteLabelINIFileSettings. If settings are still required in the DISTRIBUTOR file it must be signed by TeamDrive Systems for you.
  • The current agent supports now web-sockets to refresh data in the browser without refreshing the page itself. To support web-socket connections, the apache module proxy_wstunnel_module must be enabled (See Apache 2.4 for details)
  • Increased MinimumAgentVersion to

1.2.1 (2017-11-29)

  • Increased MinimumAgentVersion to

  • Upgrade will change the WhiteLabelAgentDownloadURL setting from ”.../{PRODUCTNAME}_agent_{VERSION}_x86_64.tar.gz” to ”.../{PRODUCTNAME}_agent_{VERSION}_el7.x86_64.tar.gz”. this is done because the TeamDrive agent is now built in 2 versions: “el6” are built for CentOS 6, and “el7” versions are built for CentOS 7. It is assumed that the Web Portal is run on a CentOS 7 platform. If this is not the case, then you must manually change this setting to ”.../{PRODUCTNAME}_agent_{VERSION}_el6.x86_64.tar.gz” (WEBCLIENT-255).

  • Updated documentation to include new TeamDrive CI (WEBCLIENT-254).

  • The Web Portal external authentication now handles transitioning to a new User Secret generation algorithm as implemented by Registration Server version 3.7.6.

  • Bug fix: boolean settings were not correctly pre-selected.

  • Several improvements have been made to the upgrade procedure which generates a new Docker image. The setting WhiteLabelAgentDownloadURL can now be left blank, of the Agent archive (.tar.gz file) has been placed manually in the build folder (WhiteLabelDockerBuildFolder).

    If ContainerImage is set to image with a version number higher than the MinimumAgentVersion, then the Web Portal will build an image for the version specified by ContainerImage.

  • Version 1.2.1 requires YVVA runtime version 1.4.4.

1.2.0 (2017-08-14)

  • Initial 1.2 release.