Post-Installation Tasks

Startup Sequence / Dependencies

To ensure a proper service start and to minimize error messages during Web access, the following startup sequence of the TeamDrive Web Portal components and services should be observed.

  1. Mount the Image data volume on the Docker host
  2. Start the Docker service
  3. Start the Web Portal MySQL database service
  4. Start the td-webportal background service
  5. Start the Apache HTTP Server

Starting the Apache HTTP Server at Boot Time

To ensure that Apache HTTP Server starts up automatically at system bootup time, use the following command to enable it:

[root@webportal ~]# chkconfig httpd on

Starting TeamDrive Service at Boot Time

To start the TeamDrive Web Portal background service td-webportal at boot time, use the following command to enable it:

[root@webportal ~]# chkconfig td-webportal on

Next steps

This concludes the basic installation and configuration of the TeamDrive Web Portal. Please consult the TeamDrive Web Portal Administration Guide for additional information on advanced administrative tasks and configuration steps.