Release Notes - Version 4.0

Registration Server Functionality

  • Removed the provider setting: HOST_SERVER_URL. This is no longer required, the Host Server to be used is specified by HOST_SERVER_NAME.

  • Added support for accounts (REGSERVER-1229). Accounts belong to a provider and include a number of users, groups, depots and licenses. An account is administered by a number of managers. A user can only belong to one account, but may be manager of a number of accounts. Accounts are explained in the the new chapter Account Concept and in a adminconsole chapter Accounts.

  • Added support for groups (REGSERVER-1196). Users can be invited to join a group, which is administrated by a Group Manager. The user receives an email, which contains a link for joining the group and another link for rejecting the invitation. Users that have rejected invitation 3 or more times can no longer be invited to a group.

    Users can only belong to one group, so when the join a group they are automatically removed from any other group.

    The Manager of a group can assign a license and a Host Server Depot to the group. The group license and the group Depot are used by all members of the group, and have priority over the user’s default license and Depot.

    Please notice that group functionality is not available in the 4.0 release of the Admin Console. This will be added in version 4.1.

  • The setting UserNameCaseInsensitive has been deprecated. All Registration Servers now use case-insensitive usernames. The TDNS entries will be automatically updated of your server had UserNameCaseInsensitive set to False.

  • The Registration Server now uses a new mechanism to synchronise the Depot usage with the Host Server and the TeamDrive Client. The mechanism ensures that changes to Depot usage on the Registration Server is always reflected in the Depot list in the TeamDrive Client, and in the Depot access list on the Host Server.

    Previously, it was possible that there were differences in the Depot configuration for a user between the TeamDrive Client, Registration Server and Host Server. This was due to a number of factors:

    • The Host Server access list for a Depot was previously not updated by the Registration Server API.
    • By setting <sendtoclient>false</sendtoclient> in an API call the user could previously specify that the changes to the Depot configuration of a user are not sent to the TeamDrive Client. This tag is now deprecated (see below).
    • If a TeamDrive Client device was not in use for a long time it was possible that changes to the Depot configuration were lost.
  • The following characters are never allowed in usernames: ‘$’, ‘;’, ‘,’, ‘@’ ‘”’ and the single quote (“’”).

  • When setting up a Registration Server, the server name is not allowed to contain a ”.”, or any spaces. The server domain must be valid, and contain at least one ”.”.

  • Added the DEFAULT_ACCOUNT_FEATURE provider setting which is identical to the LICENSE_FREE_FEATURE but applies to users that belong to an account (REGSERVER-1253). If DEFAULT_ACCOUNT_FEATURE is empty then the Admin Console will not allow managers to create a new license when adding a user.

  • Added the ACTIVE_SPACES_LIMIT provider setting which determines the maximum active spaces for users with a restricted license (REGSERVER-1257).

  • Improved security by defining a maximum login attempt and interval (see LoginMaxAttempts and ALLOWED_LOGIN_ATTEMPTS)

  • Added the PROVIDER_LOGIN_ID setting which is a list of IP addresses of users that may login with provider level or higher privileges (REGSERVER-1333). On upgrade this setting is set to the value of the LOGIN_IP value, if this value is not empty. Providers that wish to allow normal users or account managers to access the Admin Console from any IP address must set LOGIN_IP to empty.

  • License that expire are now also valid on the “Valid Until” date (REGSERVER-1389).

Registration Server API

  • The Host Server API URLs returned by the API will now begin with “https://”, if the provider setting API_USE_SSL_FOR_HOST is set to true.

  • Added “createdepot” API call.

  • Added API calls to support account functionality: “createaccount”, “deleteaccount”, “addusertoaccount”, “removeuserfromaccount”, “assignaccounttolicense”, “removeaccountfromlicense”, “setdepotaccount”, “removedepotaccount”, “setgroupaccount”, “removegroupaccount”, and “getaccountdata”.

  • Added API calls to support group functionality: “creategroup”, “deletegroup”, “inviteusertogroup”, “removeuserfromgroup”, “setgrouplicense”, “removegrouplicense”, “setgroupdepot”, “removegroupdepot”, “userjoinedgroup”, “setgroupclientsettings”, and “getgroupdata”.

  • A number of API calls now also return group related information: “loginuser”, “searchuser”, “getuserdata”, “getlicensedata”, “getdefaultdepotdata”.

    The “getuserdata” call now return account and group information by default. Set the input tags: <includeaccounts> and <includegroups> to false in order to exclude this information. This call also returns license currently assigned to the user in the <license> block in the <userdata> block. If <includegroups> is true then this is the group license if the user belongs to a group with a license.

    The calls: “loginuser” and “getlicensedata” return the user’s group information by default. Set the input tag: <includegroup> to false in order to exclude the group information.

    The calls “searchuser” and “getdefaultdepotdata” do not include group related data by default. In this case you must explicitly set <includegroup> to true to receive this information.

  • The <depot> block returned by the calls “getuserdata” and “getdefaultdepotdata” calls includes a number of new tags:

    • <globalid> is the global identifier of the depot.
    • <iscloud> is set to true if the depot is the user’s default cloud storage.
    • <isaccount> is set to true if the depot is set on the account level.
    • <isgroup> is set to true if the depot belongs to the user’s group.
  • When returning information about licenses (<license> tag) the <isgroup> tag is now included. This tag is set to true if the license belongs to the user’s group.

  • In the “registeruser” API call new supports a number of new tags: <accountkey>, <accountreference>, <groupreference>, <featurevalue>, <clientsettings>, <activate> and <sendmail> (see registeruser for details).

  • The <sendtoclient> tag is the API calls: “setdepotforuser” and “removedepotfromuser” is deprecated. If present, the tag is now ignored by the Registration Server. Changes to the usage of a Depot are now always sent to the TeamDrive Client.

  • Added API calls: “syncdepotdata” and “getdepotdata”.

  • API calls that send emails now support the <sendmail> tag. This allows the caller to override the API/API_SEND_EMAIL setting, to determine whether an email is sent or not.

  • The <changeuser> tag is used to specified the username of the user that is making changes to depots.

  • Added <setpassword> tag to the “registeruser” API call. When set to true (default is false), this will send an email using the web-activationsetpassword template to the user. This email contains a link to the set-password HTML template, which allows the user to set his password, and activate his user account (REGSERVER-1320).

Administration Console

  • Rearranged the menu of the Admin Console and extended the user right levels for viewing, creating, editing and deleting objects (see User Rights).
  • Restricted the view presented by the Admin Console to only those pages that a user has the right to view. Any TeamDrive user with login privileges may login to the Admin Console, and view and manage their resources.
  • Added a global provider drop-down menu, so that users with access to more than one provider can select a default provider for all operations.
  • Added account management.
  • Added new categories for Registration Server settings: API, Proxy, RedirectURL and TDNS (REGSERVER-1227).
  • Added an automatic redirect to the login page when the login session expires.
  • If a Depot is deleted and then undeleted on the Host Server, an “Undelete Depot” button is available in the Admin Console to make the depot available again.

Change Log - Version 4.0

4.0.0 (2018-09-19)

  • Initial 4.0 public release.
  • The Registration Server was sending an incorrect result to the client when a disabled user requested a temporary password (REGSERVER-1237).