Error Codes

The following table lists all API-Error-Codes that might be returned.


API Error Codes
Primary Message Comment
-30000 Access denied  
-30001 Invalid Command  
-30002 Invalid Request  
-30003 Invalid XML  
-30004 URL This user will be handled using the webinterface of the distributor
-30005 Maintenance work A 503 from the API-Server should be displayed as
    Maintenance work for the user. 503 will be mapped to -30005.
-30100 Username does not exist  
-30101 Wrong password  
-30102 Account not activated by activation mail  
-30103 Username already exists  
-30104 Email already exists No longer used in API 1.0.003
-30105 Temporary password does not match  
-30106 Wrong activation code  
-30107 No Default Depot  
-30108 Username invalid  
-30109 Password invalid  
-30110 Email invalid  
-30111 Invitation type unknown  
-30112 Invalid location  
-30113 Temporary password expired  
-30114 Distributor of the user  
  does not match in the database  
-30115 Invalid language Currently not in use
-30116 Search string to short  
-30117 Activation code not found  
-30118 Account already activated Currently not in use
-30119 Account disabled  
-30120 Account will be deleted  
-30121 Device not found  
-30122 Invalid date  
-30201 Unknown License  
-30202 License Upgrade failed  
-30203 Productname unknown  
-30204 Type unknown  
-30205 Feature unknown  
-30206 Limit unknown  
-30207 Cancel license failed  
-30208 Downgrade license failed  
-30209 Empty list Currently not in use
-30210 License change failed  
-30211 License in use Currently not in use
-30301 No Depot for User  
-30302 Depot-ID does not match  
-30303 Space-ID does not match  
-30304 Increasing Depot failed  
-30305 Decreasing Depot failed  
-30306 Invalid storage limit  
-30307 Depot already exists