TeamDrive System Components

The TeamDrive Registration Server is the first component necessary to register a TeamDrive Client, but the Registration Server is only one part of the complete system. Several Registration Servers can be connected to the TDNS network which allows users from different Registration Servers to invite each other. For more details see TeamDrive Name Server (TDNS).

The second important part is the TeamDrive Hosting Service. A TeamDrive Client can upload data from Space to a WebDAV Server, a TeamDrive Personal Server (TDPS), or an Enterprise Hosting Service (TDES). These are collectively known as Hosting Services.

The TeamDrive Enterprise Hosting Service is a scalable Hosting Service that manages storage and traffic of a large number of clients. This is not possible with the TDPS or a WebDAV Server. TDES also has an HTTP-based API which allows remote management.


In summary: a Hosting Service stores the data of a TeamDrive Client and a Registration Server will handle the invitations between different clients, so that the users can work together in their Spaces and share documents with each other. The Registration Server will never store documents of the users and the Hosting Service does not know how many or which clients are accessing the different Spaces.