Release Notes - Version 3.0.013ΒΆ

Host Server Version 3.0.013 is the next major release following after version 3.0.011 (Version 3.0.012 was an internal release that has not been published).

Version 3.0.013 contains the following features and notable differences to version 3.0.011:

  • The TeamDrive Host Server installation can now be performed via RPM on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 and derivative distributions, which significantly improves the installation procedure and the process of applying updates.
  • The initial setup and registration of a Host Server is now fully web-based. It’s no longer necessary to provide a hosting.txt or properties file. Instead, all the required information can be entered in a web form.
  • The entire Host Server configuration is now stored in the MySQL database. This includes configuration settings for S3 daemon and TSHS.
  • The web-based TeamDrive Hosting Service Administration Console has been improved significantly, by simplifying the work flows for common administration tasks and fixing several usability issues.
  • TSHS, the TeamDrive Scalable Hosting Storage and the TeamDrive S3 Daemon provide additional scalability options to expand the storage capabilities of a TeamDrive Hosting Service.
  • It’s now possible to generate a monthly report that contains detailed statistics about all existing Depots and Spaces within these depots, including the monthly traffic and disk usage.
  • The Host Server no longer depends on the PrimeBase Application Environment. Instead, it now uses the Yvva Runtime Environment, which replaces the following components:
    • mod_yvva replaces mod_pbas for providing the web-based Administration Console and API. The stand-alone pbas instance is no longer required. As a consequence, the pbur MySQL database which was used by PBAS to manage user accounts and privileges is no longer required and has been removed.
    • yvvad replaces pbac for running background tasks. The former p1_autotask background task PBAC instance is now provided by the service td-hostserver, which uses yvvad.
    • yvva replaces pbac for command line operations that involve executing PBT code on the shell.
  • The installation location of the TeamDrive PBT code has been changed from /home/teamdrive/pbas to /opt/teamdrive/hostserver/.
  • The sakgen binary that used to be installed in /home/teamdrive/sakh is no longer required. Instead, the functionality to encrypt Space Depot access keys is now provided by the tshs binary.
  • All TeamDrive Host Server processes now run under the user ID used by the Apache http Server (apache). A dedicated teamdrive user account is no longer required.
  • By default, the MySQL databases are now installed in the default location /var/lib/mysql instead of /spacedb, which made it difficult to enable SELinux on the MySQL instance.
  • For security reasons, the MySQL credentials required for accessing the MySQL Database are no longer stored in the default MySQL configuration file /etc/my.cnf. Instead, the [p1db] options group has now been moved into a dedicated configuration file /etc/, only readable by the apache user.
  • The Apache httpd Server configuration file has been renamed from teamdrive.conf to td-hostserver.httpd.conf.
  • The overall robustness of the TeamDrive Host Server has been improved by issuing more meaningful error messages and performing more safety and consistency checks.
  • Each Space Volume now contains a file teamdrive-volume-id that contains a unique global volume ID, to ensure that multiple volumes are mounted to the correct location.
Release Notes - Version 3.0.013
Build Date Version Comment
  • Fixed error in creating an index during the initial MySQL table creation (HOSTSERVER-440)
  • Fixed possible upgrade error from 3.0.011 when the MySQL database pbpg still existed, but the Keys table was already moved to the pspace database (HOSTSERVER-427)
  • Fixed bug in which failed Auto Tasks were not executed anymore (HOSTSERVER-407)
  • mod_pspace: fixed possible crash when system settings are NULL (e.g. in an upgrade scenario from 3.0.011 to 3.0.013, when httpd was started before yvvad performed the required schema updates)
  • mod_pspace: Fixed possible “Admin API: AES decode error- curruption detected” error when updating from older versions (timing issues could result in the generation of duplicate private keys) (HOSTSERVER-420, HOSTSERVER-422)
  • Increased the size of the S3Options settings field from 200 to 2000 chars, to accommodate longer option strings required for certain OpenStack environments (HOSTSERVER-425)
  • Installation: updated RewriteRule sets in the httpd configuration files (removed obsolete /depot rule, HOSTSERVER-424)
  • mod_pspace: fixed a Space corruption bug that could occur when updating from a previous Host Server version to version 3.0.013 and Space Volumes were using a non-standard naming scheme (not “volxxx”)
  • Admin Console: added “Repair” button that allows performing an automatic repair of Volumes affected by the corruption bug. Clients will be notified to perform a Space Restore operation on affected Spaces.
  • Admin Console: fixed 404 errors when opening the Admin URL without a trailing slash (HOSTSERVER-398)
  • Admin Console: the input focus is now automatically set to the password field (HOSTSERVER-392)
  • s3d: Fixed bug in path deletion on S3: if the path ended with ‘/’ it wasn’t being deleted.
  • s3d: exceptions are now logged in /var/log/s3d.log
  • mod_pspace: Replaced the previously used MD5 implementation with calls to the MD5 routines provided by OpenSSL (yielding a 70% performance improvement when calculating MD5 checksums on large files) (HOSTSERVER-355)
  • mod_pspace: consolidated brand-specific settings into one place and disabled multi-part uploads for OpenStack
  • mod_pspace: Fixed bug where failed uploads (resulting in MD5 checksum failures) would still be accounted for as bytes written in the Space usage statistics (HOSTSERVER-352)
  • Fixed autotask resetTraffic() to properly reset the traffic for Spaces that had the SPACE_TRAFFIC_FULL status flag enabled. (HOSTSERVER-353)
  • Installation: security enhancement: set ServerTokens to Prod and ServerSignature to Off in httpd.conf to disable displaying the Apache Server version and OS version in the HTTP headers and on error pages (HOSTSERVER-357)
  • mod_pspace: Disabled unnecessary buffering of files fetched from S3 object store and passed back to the client. (HOSTSERVER-356)
  • tshs: add-s3-host will ping the S3 service before actually adding the host details.
  • Admin Console: security enhancement: don’t display the version and build number on the login page and https redirection page (HOSTSERVER-359)
  • Security enhancement: disabled unneded HTTP methods in td-hostserver.httpd.conf (ony allow GET, POST, PUT, disable HEAD, OPTIONS, TRACE) (HOSTSERVER-361)
  • Virtual appliance security enhancement: set ServerTokens to Prod and ServerSignature to Off in httpd.conf to disable displaying the Apache Server version and OS version in the HTTP headers and on error pages (HOSTSERVER-357)
  • To avoid confusion, the S3-related configuration option openStackAuthURL was renamed to openStackAuthPath
  • Initial Release