The TeamDrive Registration Server stores all required information associated with users of the TeamDrive system. Each user belongs to a “provider” and may be a member of an account. The Registration Server also records the various TeamDrive client installations (also known as devices), and manages the licences and TeamDrive Hosting Service depots associated with users.

The Registration Server provides a secure messaging service to users for the exchange of the spaces keys that protect the data stored in TeamDrive spaces. For this purpose, the server stores the public key associated with each client device.

The Registration Server is also used to send various notifications via email such as registration, activation and space invitation. The server can also inform users about available client updates.

If you are a provider or an account manager you can use the Registration Server Admin Console to manager users, settings and other resources belonging to the provider or account.

Most Registration Servers are part of the TeamDrive Name Server (TDNS) Network which allows users to invite users that are registered on other Registration Servers. All these aspects will be described in detail in the following chapters.