The main functionality of the TeamDrive Registration Server is handling the public keys of the TeamDrive Clients and storing the invitations between users until they get downloaded by a TeamDrive Client.

Beside this functionality, the Registration Server also handles client licenses, sending emails for registration, activation and invitations, storing the default host server accounts for clients, and storing the individual Provider settings. The server can also update the banners in the free client and inform users about available client updates.

A Registration Server can also be a part of the TeamDrive Name Server (TDNS) Network which will allow clients to invite users which are registered at other Registration Server. The different parts will be described in the next chapters.

This documentation describes the functionality of the current release version 3.6 which supports external authentication. The chapters which belong to 3.6 will be marked in this document. You also need a recent client version to use it together with version 3.6 of the TeamDrive Registration Server.