Release Notes - Version 3.0.017

Release Notes - Version 3.0.017
Build Date Version Comment
2014-09-02 30017.13
  • Admin Console: show extreference in the license Administration screen
  • Security improvement: fixed OS permissions/ownerships of some configuration files and log files containing plaintext passwords (REGSERVER-599)
  • Admin Console: Security improvement: Don’t display the Console version on the login page (REGSERVER-558)
  • Virtual Appliance: set ServerTokens to Prod and ServerSignature to Off in httpd.conf, to disable displaying the Apache HTTP Server version and OS version in the HTTP headers and on error pages (REGSERVER-608)
  • Added missing tag <APISendEmail> in DIST.xml template file
  • Security improvement: disabled unneeded HTTP methods in pbt.conf (only allow GET, POST, disable PUT, HEAD, OPTIONS, TRACE) (REGSERVER-613)
  • API: added new API call removedepotfromuser extended setdepotforuser. Fixed bug in setreference and removed deprecated location-Support in getHostForDistributor. Fixed error handling in setinviteduser. Updated API-Version number to “1.0.005”.
  • For monitoring purposes, calling the Reg Server’s ping URL with the optional parameter tdns=$true``(e.g. ``$true) now also performs a TDNS lookup, to verify that the communication between the Reg Server and TDNS is working properly.
2014-07-09 30017.12
  • Updated to requiring PrimeBase 4.5.48, updated pbstab and documentation accordingly. This version of PrimeBase now installs a shell profile file by default and provides a proper SysV init script that can be used to enable/disable the pbac_mailer background task.
  • Admin Console: Fixed wrong escaping of HTML characters in the device messages popup (REGSERVER-575)
  • Admin Console: changed session timeout from 10m to 30m
  • Admin Console: Added more fields to license editing page
  • RegServerSetup.pbt now sets APIAllowSettingDistributor to true if another distributor is added (REGSERVER-579)
  • Added missing globalDepotID to default depots for clients with two accounts on the same server(s). (REGSERVER-583) (this fix also requires an updated Host Server having the fix from HOSTSERVER-326)
2014-06-26 30017.11
  • Admin Console: “Create Depot” now accepts storage limits in other units than bytes. Unified the UI with regards to selecting a Depot owner and selecting Users to invite (REGSERVER-574)
2014-06-17 30017.10
  • Admin Console: Added confirmation checkbox for deleting a user’s license when deleting the user (REGSERVER-554)
  • Admin Console: Improved listing of licenses to no longer show one entry per Device for the same license (REGSERVER-565)
  • Admin Console: Replaced “parcel” with “key repository”, replaced “Packet” with “Package” in the License creation/editing dialogues (REGSERVER-567)
  • Admin Console: Added exporting tables as CSV function.
  • Fixed missing LOG_UPLOADS setting in upload.php log upload script (REGSERVER-559)
  • Added Proxy support in upgradeDefaultDepot
  • Major documentation rewrite: added general reference and API documentation, converted all documents to reStructuredText/Sphinx
  • RegServerSetup.xml: Fixed incorrect closing tag (</ProviderInfoURL> -> </DownloadURL>)
2014-04-17 30017.9
  • Removed misleading error output in csvimportregserver.php
  • Fixed default license key error using the API (REGSERVER-526)
  • Improved description for StoreRegistrationDeviceIPinSeconds (REGSERVER-532)
  • Admin Console: bugfix for editUser.php: wrong user got displayed when changing depot limits.
  • Admin Console: editUser.php didn’t display “extauthid” in all cases (REGSERVER-537)
  • Admin Console: Display activation code in device-list entry for deactivated tdhosting “users”
2014-03-27 30017.8
  • Admin Console: server/distributor settings can now be empty strings (REGSERVER-476)
  • Admin Console: displays a warning if LOGIN_IP is not set
  • REGSERVER-464: RegServerSetup.pbt now prints the Authentication Sequence during initial install
  • REGSERVER-494: Sending notification to users located on different Reg-Server returned “remote authorization not allowed”
  • Improved error handling in case of empty hosting_url or hosting_name
  • REGSERVER-507: Don’t create user accounts in p1reg.sql
  • RegServerSetup.pbt: Improved screen output for readability and clarity
  • RegServerSetup.xml: Default for <TDNSEnabled> must be $true to avoid errors for a default setup
  • CSV_IMPORT_ACTIVE should not add CSV_UPLOAD_DIR, CSV_ERROR_DIR and CSV_SUCCESS_DIR, because we support import using the database or a hot folder. Default is using the database and therefore the Dir-Settings are not required.
  • Packaging: Updated and added DIST.xml to the distribution
  • Fixed link in bannerAdmin.php
  • Removed duplicate code in RegServerSetup.pbt
2014-03-14 30017.7
  • Fixed nasty typo in RegServerSetup.xml
2014-03-14 30017.6
  • REGSERVER-478: Deleting TD2FreeUserStorage and TD2Parcel in case of deleting a user
  • reg_init.pbt: Now only use the curl-based code to verify external logins (both via http and https)
  • External auth: Updated LDAP ext auth example: implement function base64url to encode the token, to avoid “+” and “/” being included in the token string.
  • REGSERVER-471: Admin Console XSS security fixes related to TD2User
  • External auth: fixed REGSERVER-443 (Sample login page defaults to “Password lost”, not “Login”), changed error messages to show the same error regardless if user name or password are wrong.
  • Admin Console: moved failed-logins log file to /var/log/td-adminconsole-failedlogins.log. NOTE: this log file must now be created during installation
2014-02-25 30017.5
  • Updated pbstab version number from 4546 to 4547
  • Added deleteDistributor to RegServerSetup.pbt
  • Executing HTTPRequest.pbt in RegServerSetup.pbt requires no location
  • RegServerSetup.pbt: Generate a mysql update script if changes are required to the database structure
  • Handle the case that the TD2Setting.Format column does not exist, when creating system variables
2014-02-07 30017.4
  • REGSERVER-426: Admin Console: changed API log file location to /var/log/td-adminconsole-api.log
  • Admin Console: added option to edit a depots transfer limit
  • REGSERVER-428: Removed duplicate entry <UserEmailUnique> from section <RegServer> in RegServerSetup.xml and RegServerSetup.pbt
  • Admin Console: improved test to check if the setDepot function is available on a host server
  • Install upload.php into logupload/upload.php instead the document root
  • Admin: user simply gets a warning when trying to call setdepot on a host server that does not support it
  • pbt.conf: Reduced mod_pbt log level from 2 (PBT_TRACE) to 1 (ERROR_TRACE) to reduce default log noise in /tmp/pbt_mod.trace
  • Admin: fixed regex that prevented changing the LogUploadURL setting
  • REGSERVER-432: API call upgradelicense no longer throws an error if feature is empty
  • Admin Console: the API log now correctly shows entries that don’t have usernames
  • REGSERVER-436: Setting HAS_DEFAULT_DEPOT to true, creates all missing hosting system parameters
2014-02-04 30017.3
  • Bug fixes: REGSERVER-424, double <teamdrive> tag removed, fixed invitations when a user was registered with same e-mail on 2 other Reg Servers, Added Download-URL for invitation mail templates
2014-01-30 30017.2
  • Renamed out.log to api.log
  • Fixed RegEx for API_IP_ACCESS
  • Admin Console: Changed default mysql username to teamdrive
  • Updated pbvm.env to write the log file into /var/log/pbvm.log (REGSERVER-423)
  • REGSERVER-422: changed the default log file location in pbstab for the pbac_mailer from /tmp/mail.log to /var/log/pbac_mailer.log
  • Removed setup/pbas.env from the installation package
2014-01-23 30017.1
  • First build using the scripted build, updated RegServerSetup.pbt and included some Admin Console fixes
2013-10-23 30017
  • Not final; Bcrypt is still missing