Starting and stopping the TeamDrive Registration Server components

To make the TeamDrive Registration Server available for TeamDrive Clients to connect, the following services need to be up and running:

  • mysqld — the MySQL database server (local or on a remote server)
  • httpd — the Apache HTTP Server
  • td-regserver — the Yvva based background processes
  • postfix — the Postfix SMTP server (optional, other MTAs like sendmail or qmail or MTAs on remote servers can be used as well)

After the initial installation, most services except for the td-regserver service should already be up and running.

To ensure a proper service start and to minimize error messages on the TeamDrive Client side, the following startup sequence of the TeamDrive Registration Server components and services should be observed.

Start the TeamDrive Registration Server services in the following order:

  1. Start the Registration Server MySQL databases service
  2. Start the SMTP service (or make sure it’s available/accessible)
  3. Start the td-regserver background service
  4. Start the Apache HTTP Server

For testing purposes, you can start these services manually, using the service command. In a production environment, these services should be started automatically at boot time, by enabling them via the chkconfig tool.

Starting services manually

You can use the service command to start services manually:

[root@regserver ~]# service mysqld start
[root@regserver ~]# service postfix start
[root@regserver ~]# service td-regserver start
[root@regserver ~]# service httpd start

Stopping services manually

Similarly, you can use service to stop the services manually:

[root@regserver ~]# service httpd stop
[root@regserver ~]# service td-regserver stop
[root@regserver ~]# service postfix stop
[root@regserver ~]# service mysqld stop

Enabling Service Autostart

Once the TeamDrive Registration Server setup is done, the MySQL server, Apache http Server, Postfix (optional) and the td-regserver service need to be configured to automatically start at system boot.

Use the command chkconfig to enable the automatic start for these processes:

[root@regserver ~]# chkconfig --levels 235 httpd on
[root@regserver ~]# chkconfig --levels 235 mysqld on
[root@regserver ~]# chkconfig --levels 235 postfix on
[root@regserver ~]# chkconfig --levels 235 td-regserver on

Logging into the Administration Console

At this point, you can now continue with the administration and configuration of the Registration Server using the Administration Console, which can be reached via the following URL:

To log in, enter the login credentials of the Provider account you defined in Step Provider Setup.

Please see the TeamDrive Registration Server Administration Guide for a detailed description of the Administration Console and for further details on the configuration and customization of the Registration Server and the TeamDrive Clients connecting to your Server.

Once you have concluded the configuration, start a TeamDrive Client and register a user account after entering your Provider Code (or log in using a user account that is provided via external authentication or via CSV import).

Consult the TeamDrive Client Documentation for usage details.