Auto Tasks

There is a number of background jobs that are being performed by the Yvva-based td-regserver service.

You can review and manage them via the Registration Server Administration Console by clicking Server Management -> Manage Auto Tasks. See Manage Auto Tasks for details.

The overall frequency of how often the background service will wake up can be changed by modifying the setting repeat in file /etc/td-regserver.conf. The default value is 10 seconds.

Note that the frequency of the individual tasks can be defined differently, by changing each task’s Frequency setting (if required).

“Send Emails”-Task

This process sends out email notifications generated by actions from the Team Drive Clients and Registration Server (e.g. device activation or Space invitation messages, license expiry reminders), which are queued in the Registration Server’s internal email queue.

“Delete Old Messages”-Task

Messages not retrieved by Clients will be deleted from the Registration Server’s internal message queues after the period defined in the Registration Server settings <InvitationStoragePeriod> (e.g. invitations and other client messages, store-forward invitations) and <InvitationStoragePeriodFD> (invitations for future devices).

See Registration Server Settings and Messages, Invitations & Invitation Types for details on these settings and the various message types.

“Delete Client IPs”-Task

For privacy/data protection reasons, this task removes the Client IP addresses from the Devices table according to the value of <StoreRegistrationDeviceIPinSeconds> as described in Registration Server Settings.

“Update RegServer-List”-Task

If TDNS access is active, this task will poll the TeamDrive Master Registration Server to retrieve a list of all Registration Servers within the TDNS network.

Users registered on your Registration Server can only invite users from white listed Registration Servers to their Spaces.

By default, this task will be performed every 12 hours.

The automatic white listing of servers depends on the setting <TDNSAutoWhiteList>.

  • If set to true, new Registration Servers will be automatically white listed.
  • If set to false you have to approve each Registration Server manually, via the Manage Servers page of the Administration Console.


If API logging is enabled (the Provider setting API_REQUEST_LOGGING is set to True), each API request is logged in a database table. On a busy server, these log entries can significantly increase the size of the Registration Server’s database over time.

Enabling this task will remove entries from the API log table, if they are older than 30 days. This task is disabled by default.

“Expire Licenses”-Task

If you issue licenses with an expiration date (e.g. by issuing trial licenses or by entering a date in the Valid until field manually), this task takes care of sending out reminder emails to the license’s user(s), informing them about the upcoming expiration. Once the expiration date has been reached, the license will be invalidated and the user’s TeamDrive clients will fall back to their default license.

“CSV Import”-Task

Enable this task if you want to manage your users by importing the user names and other details from an external source via a CSV file. This auto task will perform the import on a periodic basis. See Importing User Accounts via CSV Files for details on how to accomplish this.