Setting up a Provider

You must specify a Provider (formerly called “Distributor”) when setting up a Registration Server. This is done in the <Distributor> XML block in the RegServerSetup.xml file.

After setting up the Registration Server, more Providers can be added as required. Each Provider is initially defined by an XML file as described here. Adding a Provider is explained in the TeamDrive Registration Server Installation and Configuration documentation in the chapter “Importing XML with initial values to the database”. After setup, changes can be made to the Provider settings using the Admin Console.

The tags from <LoginName> to <LicenseEmail> in the XML file are self explanatory. Place your 4 letter Provider Code (see Provider Concept) in the <TicketPrefix> tag. The difference between the two Email fields <Email> and <LicenseEmail> is that LicenseEmail will be used to send a notification about new or modified licenses.

Details the Provider settings and all other tags in the XML configuration file are given in the Reference Guide.