The autotasks will be executed by a background task using a PBAC. There are different jobs defined in the TD2Autotask-Table. The frequency of often the PBAC will be started can be defined in the “pbstab” file located in /usr/local/primebase. The “-i”-Option defines the interval in seconds. The default value is 10 seconds.

“Send Emails”-Task

This process will send the emails generated by the clients, like activation or invitation mails.

“Delete Old Messages”-Task

Messages not retrieved by clients will be deleted after the period defined in <InvitationStoragePeriod> as described in Registration Server Settings. Entries in these tables will be deleted:

  • TD2Message
  • TD2MessageSF

Deleting entries in the table “TD2MessageFD” depends on the value of <InvitationStoragePeriodFD> described in the same chapter.

“Move Store Forward Messages”-Task

Invitations by Email will be moved to a new user after they registered their account and device using the public key of the new installation.

“Delete Client IPs”-Task

The IP address of the client installation will be logged. This task will remove the IP as described in Registration Server Settings according to the value of <StoreRegistrationDeviceIPinSeconds>.

“Update RegServer-List”-Task

If TDNS access is active, this task will poll our main Registration Server to retrieve new Registration Servers within the TDNS network. This will be done every 12 hours per default with the additional frequency setting in the TD2AutoTask-table. It depends on the setting <TDNSAutoWhiteList>. If set to true new Registration Servers will be automatically white listed. If set to false you have to white list them manually. Only white listed Registration Server can be used by the clients registered on your Registration Server to invite users to Spaces registered on other Registration Servers.