Post-Installation Tasks

Starting the Apache http Server at Boot Time

To ensure that Apache http Server starts up automatically at system bootup time, use the following command to enable it:

[root@hostserver ~]# chkconfig httpd on

Starting TeamDrive Service at Boot Time

To start the TeamDrive Host Server background service td-hostserver at boot time, use the following command to enable it:

[root@hostserver ~]# chkconfig td-hostserver on

Installing SSL certificates

The default Apache http Server installation ships with self-signed SSL certificates for testing purposes. We strongly recommend to purchase and install proper SSL certificates and keys and adjust the configuration in file /etc/httpd/conf.d/ssl.conf accordingly before moving the server into production. The exact installation process depends on how you obtain or create the SSL key and certificate, please refer to the respective installation instructions provided by your certificate issuer.

Next steps

This concludes the basic installation and configuration of the TeamDrive Host Server. Please consult the TeamDrive Hosting Service Administration Manual for additional information on advanced administrative tasks and configuration steps.