API Error Codes

The following table lists all API-Error-Codes that might be returned. Some of these errors might also occur when using the TeamDrive Registration Server Admin Console, as it performs Host Server API calls as well.


API Error Codes
Primary Message Comment
-30000 Access denied  
-30001 Invalid Command  
-30002 Invalid Request  
-30003 Invalid XML  
-30004 URL This user will be handled using the webinterface of the distributor
-30005 Maintenance work A 503 from the API-Server should be displayed as
    Maintenance work for the user. 503 will be mapped to -30005.
-30100 Username does not exist  
-30101 Wrong password  
-30102 Account not activated by activation mail  
-30103 Username already exists  
-30104 Email already exists No longer used in API 1.0.003
-30105 Temporary password does not match  
-30106 Wrong activation code  
-30107 No Default Depot  
-30108 Username invalid  
-30109 Password invalid  
-30110 Email invalid  
-30111 Invitation type unknown  
-30112 Invalid location  
-30113 Temporary password expired  
-30114 Distributor of the user  
  does not match in the database  
-30115 Invalid language Currently not in use
-30116 Search string to short  
-30117 Activation code not found  
-30118 Account already activated Currently not in use
-30119 Account disabled  
-30120 Account will be deleted  
-30121 Device not found  
-30122 Invalid date  
-30201 Unknown License  
-30202 License Upgrade failed  
-30203 Productname unknown  
-30204 Type unknown  
-30205 Feature unknown  
-30206 Limit unknown  
-30207 Cancel license failed  
-30208 Downgrade license failed  
-30209 Empty list Currently not in use
-30210 License change failed  
-30211 License in use Currently not in use
-30301 No Depot for User  
-30302 Depot-ID does not match  
-30303 Space-ID does not match  
-30304 Increasing Depot failed  
-30305 Decreasing Depot failed  
-30306 Invalid storage limit  
-30307 Depot already exists