Document HistoryΒΆ

Date Version Name Description
2011-12-06 1.0 Thomas Hess Start
2012-02-28 1.2 JG

Corrections and enhancements.

Added PBAC for background task (P1ctl, 7).

Update screenshots.

2012-02-29 3.0.1 JG Adding chapter Restore, minor additions.
2012-03-01 3.0.2 JG Adding chapter 13.2 Some minor changes.
2012-03-01 3.0.3 EP Added MySQL appendix
2012-03-05 3.0.4 EP


pbvm + pbas parameters

added yum install libstdc++.i686

2012-05-21 3.0.5 EP

Added symbolic link for new mysql lib: ->

Added Charset=utf8; in connect.def

2012-05-22 3.0.6 EP Fixed several instruction errors in the documentation
2012-06-18 3.0.7 EP

Fixed wrong documentation of the docs.tar.gz, setup.tar.gz and sakh.tar.gz in chapter “Update PBAS modules”.

Added hint not to use blanks in Volume names

Changed PBAS to 4530

Added mysql password hint to use not more than 15 chars

2012-06-29 3.0.8 EP Fixed admin URL (must end with “/”)
2012-08-29 3.0.9 EP Update to PBAS 4.5.33
2012-12-17 3.0.10 EP

Added UseHTTPsForPublishFiles

Added hint to free memory

Added setting to disable storing space names

Added API_ReturnSpaceNames

Added ForceHTTPSUsage

Date Version Name Description
2013-01-28 3.0.10 EP Added hint for swap file usage
2013-05-06 3.0.11 Paul McCullagh

Added TSHS documentation

Improved consistency of terminology

Improved introduction and added graphic

2013-05-21 3.0.12 Barry Leslie Corrected some minor errors and reworded a few things.
2013-05-22 3.0.12 Barry Leslie Added s3daemon documentation.
2014-01-27 3.0.011 Lenz Grimmer

Updated installation instructions to reflect packaging changes the new Hosting Server package (HostingServer-3.0.011.x.tar.gz) and latest PBAS package (PrimeBase_TD.4546.tar.gz).

Re-arranged installation instructions to improve the workflow.

Split TSHS documentation into a separate document.

2014-04-02 3.0.011 Lenz Grimmer

Converted documentation to reStructuredText/Sphinx

Re-arranged content to support multiple documents sharing some chapters

Created separate Virtual Appliance Installation Manual